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Stalker’s Paradise Coming to a Smartphone Near You

Have you been eying that pretty blonde you see on the train every morning on your way to work? Have you ever waited for the subway for over an hour on a Saturday night, drunk, really wishing you had an extra five bucks in your wallet so you could hop into a cab? Or simply, have you wanted to know the road conditions of your morning commute?

As with everything else in life these, now there’s an app for that., Fare/Share, and Waze are part of a slew of social networks for daily commuters that have cropped up over the past couple of months hoping to make your travel time more enjoyable. So for users who wish to log in, they’ll probably be someone else on the other end, willing to chat with you on the train, share a cab, or give you road updates — all based on your phone’s GPS system.

But with so much information out there, there’s the obvious question — how do you know that all the stalkers aren’t going to come out of the woodwork? How safe is your data?

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