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Another Lesson in How Not to Handle a Traffic Stop

Based on our earlier coverage of traffic stops, here are some dos and don’ts for the next time you get pulled over:

Now that we’ve covered the basics of traffic stops, let’s move on to the advanced course….

Here’s more conduct to file under the list of “do not” behaviors. It comes to us from Chicago, reported by Triblocal:

A 38-year-old Orland Park motorist is scheduled to appear in Cook County court Oct. 26 on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol after allegedly mistaking part of her field sobriety test for a fashion show.

Orland Park Police said Sheryl A. Urzedowski of the 14700 block of Park Lane seemed to believe she was supposed to walk as though she was a model, during her 2 a.m. Sept. 9 sobriety test at the intersection of 159th Street and Wolf Road.

“She walked up and down the line with hands on her hips three additional times,” police wrote in the incident report.

Work! Turn it to the left.
Work! Now turn it to the right.
Work! Sashay, shante!

Please pause, plug your iPod headphones into your computer, and watch the music video to RuPaul’s Supermodel. Just click here.

Okay, are you back? Great. Let’s return to the unfortunate tale of Sheryl Urzedowski and her ill-fated traffic stop:

The runway run-through allegedly occurred after Urzedowski offered to perform a gymnastics maneuver, police said.

Ladies: most police officers will let you out of a ticket if you “offer to perform a gymnastics maneuver” on them. But police officers in Illinois might be more upstanding than the politicians.

Here’s the best part of the whole story:

[Urzedowski] pleaded with the arresting officer to read her “the Amanda rights,” the report said.

You have the right to remain stupid.

Woman allegedly performed model walk, asked for ‘Amanda rights’ during traffic stop
[Triblocal / Chicago Tribune]

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