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Retired Brooklyn Judge Blasts NYAG Candidate Via Email

The Democratic primary for the new New York Attorney General is on Tuesday. Earlier this week, I broke down the candidates and liveblogged the debate between the five Democratics that want to follow in the footsteps of Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo.

I wasn’t particularly impressed with the frontrunner, Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice. But I’ve got nothing on retired Brooklyn criminal judge, Amy Herz Juviler. Judge Juviler is definitely not going to vote for Rice. And she doesn’t want her friends to vote for her either. Freed from the bench, she’s been emailing her friends encouraging them to avoid Rice like the plague.

In the email, Judge Juviler gets right to the point:

Friends —
In considering who to vote for in the Democratic Primary, eliminate from your consideration Kathleen Rice.

Bang! Politico has the full email, let’s take a look…

During Tuesday’s debate, I learned that Rice couldn’t be bothered to vote for 18 consecutive years. I thought that was pretty bad. But if I had been on Judge Juviler’s email distribution list, I would have heard some real dirt about Rice:

She appeared before me a number of times as an ADA and she was unforgettable. It was her regular duty at the time to try to convict innocent men of misdemeanors who had been accused of felonies in cases where the evidence indicated false accusation. She regularly introduced perjurious statements, unfortunately often of children who had been induced by their Mothers to accuse their Dads in divorce disputes.

Okay, well in Rice’s defense she is a prosecutor. The first woman to be elected D.A. on Long Island. It was, in fact, her duty to try to convict people.

But Juviler has more ammo:

The worst case of all was when she despicably and deliberately suppressed evidence which supported the Defendant’s theory…

Luckily I found out before he was sentenced and dismissed the case. I should have had Rice disbarred, because even after she had been caught violating the law, she was unapologetic.

And in case you’re not convinced by Juviler’s issues with Rice, apparently she has even more to tell you:

If you are still unconvinced, give me a call and I can give you more details and a couple of other cases.

You can read the full email on Politico.

Politico reached out to the retired judge. Juviler didn’t reiterate all of her allegations, but she did confirm that her email was authentic.

Politico was also happy to refresh people’s memory about the judge herself:

UPDATE: I should note that Juviler, while on the bench, had a reputation as a fairly liberal jurist, and made headlines for a case involving someone who’d killed a cop, went free and then murdered again.

Do you win a Democratic primary by being the most hard-ass prosecutor on the block? I don’t know, that’s kind of like winning a Republican primary by being the candidate most concerned with discrimination towards Muslims.

If you’re looking for more information about all five Democratic NYAG hopefuls, check out the blog.

Retired Brooklyn judge slams Kathleen Rice as ADA [Politico]

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