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Burger Business Busted By Biglaw Will Keep On Truckin’ Cookin’

Steptoe: No soup burgers for you!

As previously covered in these pages, earlier this week a D.C. Superior Court judge ordered Rogue States Burgers to cease grilling operations at its Dupont Circle location. This news was met with sadness by burger lovers in the nation’s capital, but by relief from the employees of Steptoe & Johnson. Steptoe had sued Rogue States, claiming that fumes and smells from the burger purveyor were a nuisance requiring abatement.

Rogue States complied with Judge John Mott’s order. But this may not be the final act in the drama….

A D.C. source sent along this photograph of the sign that she saw taped to the Rogue States door:

Law firms may take our lives, but they’ll never take… our burgers!

So chef Raynold Mendizabal and Rogue States “are still fighting to reopen our business.” Will Rogue States appeal Judge Mott’s decision? Or is this a reference to the apparent plan to reopen at a different location (1931 14th St. NW)?

Also note the snark in the sign: “[Judge Mott sided] with our neighbor, Steptoe & Johnson, a powerful law firm that claims that the smell of our burgers is making it impossible for them to keep up the lawyering business.” This is a nice play for public sympathy. Other than PETA people, who wouldn’t side with big burgers over Big Law? Grilling trumps lawyering, right?

Even some lawyers seem to agree. From our commenters:

“One roasts the flesh of the innocent for profit and the other is just a burger joint?”

“I hope the location used by the burger joint is converted to a day care center with hundreds of screaming, shrieking kids who throw baseballs against Steptoe’s walls from 7AM til 6PM.”

“A sad day. Rogue States had some truly solid burgers.”

“Why does Steptoe hate hamburgers, and by extension, hate America?”

Additional humorous commentary is collected over at Young & Hungry. (The quip from Chowhound might be our favorite.)

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