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Cosmo’s Bachelor of the Year Contest — With Hot Law Students and Lawyers

Cosmo's Most Eligible Bachelors

Objectifying men is hot right now. The Duke F**k List, recent Duke grad Karen Owen’s candid appraisal of the various men she slept with, is burning up the internet. Here at Above the Law, we’re getting a ton of traffic to a silly little post about some hot male ass in Chicago.

This seems like good timing, then, for the arrival of Cosmopolitan magazine’s Bachelor of the Year contest. We learned about the competition, in which readers vote for their favorite from 51 bachelors (50 states + D.C.), via Going Concern (our sister site, until recently).

Caleb Newquist of Going Concern highlighted Carl Koenemann, an aspiring accountant who looks great with his shirt off. But the bachelors up for bids also include three legal eagles: two law students, and one practicing lawyer.

Perhaps you’ve met one or more of these hunks. Let’s get to know them a little better (and check out some shirtless pics), shall we?

Someone in the Above the Law offices had to scroll through the entire slideshow, with 50+ slides, to locate the lawyers and law students. With Kash gone, and Elie more interested in breasts than boys, the onerous duty fell to me. Ogling hot guys: it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Here are the three Cosmo contestants I found who are law students or lawyers (if I missed anyone, email me):

Here they are, left to right: Luke Howarth, a law student from Idaho; Wayne McGaw Jr., a law student from Louisiana; and Jonny McCoy, a lawyer from South Carolina. Click on the link for each bachelor’s name to view his full profile (and a better photo).


Luke Howarth is a 23-year-old law student from Eagle, Idaho (a city whose other notable residents include former senator Larry Craig). Luke describes himself as “experimental” and says that he “tr[ies] to turn every day into the most fun day of my life” — which definitely piqued the interest of one of our gay tipsters, who also concluded that Luke is the hottest of the three.

Luke claims to have a weakness for women in long skirts, which “are classy and cling to her body without putting it all on display.” Hasidic women, did you hear that?


Wayne McGaw is a 24-year-old law student from New Orleans (whose father might be a lawyer and Hurricane Katrina victim, if it’s the same Wayne McGaw). Wayne characterizes himself as “curious,” which also sounded promising to our gay tipster. One would expect an aspiring lawyer to have a weakness for briefs, but Wayne eschews underwear: “It gets so hot in New Orleans, I go commando.”

Wayne claims that his neck and ears are his “sweet spot,” which makes one wonder: Why is he covering them up with that ratty hair?


Jonny McCoy, a 27-year-old lawyer from South Carolina, was my personal favorite (despite his penchant for going commando — what do lawyers have against underwear?). He appears to be a 2008 graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Law, where he was a member of a fraternity (of course). He seems to have worked at one point at the South Carolina firm of Collins & Lacy — see this press release — but he’s no longer on the firm website. (It’s not clear whether he left Collins & Lacy or whether they just don’t want him on the firm website while he’s a Cosmo “most eligible bachelor” contestant.)

You can check out complete profiles of these and the 48 other bachelors, many of whom are pictured in various states of undress, over at the Cosmo website. To vote for one of the bachelors on the Cosmo site — voting will remain open until October 10 — click here. (Voting will enter you to win a gift bag with $400 worth of swag.)

If you’d like to vote for your favorite among the three lawyerly types, which sadly won’t enter you to win anything, vote in our more limited poll:

Who is your favorite legal eagle in Cosmo's 2010 Bachelor of the Year contest?

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