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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: Firm Yet Supple

October is typically a prime wedding month, yet we’ve seen a precipitous and unaccountable prestige drop-off in the NYT over the past couple of weeks. You know it’s lean times when the only Ivy in the batch is UPenn, which has a big-time football program and therefore can’t be academically serious.

Also, witness this rare occurrence: a groom so unprestigious that the NYT can’t even bring itself to befoul its pages with his educational credentials! (LEWW found them here.)

But never fear, we’ve managed to find some wheat among the chaff:

Marisa Katz and Adam Bellack

Peyton McNutt and Elizabeth Healey

Kuang Chiang and Adam Supple

More on these couples, plus our comprehensive list of all the legal-eagle weddings, after the jump.

1. Marisa Katz and Adam Bellack
(Buy them a soup bowl.)

The Case:
– At only 33, this bride is the opinions editor of the Washington Post! We’re muy impressed and more than a little envious. (Actually, the NYT misstates her title; it seems she’s the “online opinions editor,” which is still awesome but a little less jaw-dropping.) She has an undergraduate degree from UPenn and two master’s degrees, one from Harvard and one from the London School of Economics.
– Her groom graduated from Harvard and has a JD from the University of Chicago. He’s an associate at Hogan Lovells in DC.

The Case Against:
– Expensive china alert ($250 for a cup and saucer)! At least it’s pretty.

2. Peyton McNutt and Elizabeth Healey
(Buy them a garlic press.)

The Case:
– Peyton (left) is the lawyer-bride in this couple. She graduated from the University of Texas and has a law degree from NYU. She’s an associate general counsel at Taconic Capital Advisors, a hedge fund.
– Bride #2 graduated from DePaul and is studying for a master’s in social work at NYU.

The Case Against:
– We love to see the lawyer-supports-social-worker-spouse dynamic alive and well, even in lesbian marriages!

3. Kuang Chiang and Adam Supple
(Buy them a butter dish.)

The Case:
– This bride and groom have his-‘n’-hers JDs from Boston College, where they met. She graduated from Brown and has a master’s from NYU; he graduated from Georgetown.
– She works for the Treasury Department as a license examining officer. He’s starting a new job as assistant general counsel at the General Services Administration. He was in the Army from 2000 to 2004.

The Case Against:
– Their employment is very government-heavy, and not in a particularly impressive way.

The Verdict:
Team Katz-Bellack has arguably the sparkliest JD in the bunch, plus a sweet WaPo gig. They’re our Couple of the Week! Congratulations to all the newlyweds.

The Rest:
Erin Reynolds and Daniel Kelsh (NYLS)
Lisa Troyano and Patrick Ascolese (Western New England College School of Law)
Jordana Horn and Jon Gordon (UPenn)
Tony Maida and Anthony Volpe (BU)
Rebecca Culley and Peter Lee (Cardozo)
Laura DeRossi and Jack Sousa (2, Fordham)
Courtney Burke and Matthew Maron (Cardozo)
Kendra Perkins and Edwin Norwood III (Georgetown)
Miriam Palmer-Sherman and David Vaisberg (Cardozo)
Darren Rosenblum and Howard May (UPenn)
Cheri Simpkins and Wendell Gardner (Nova Southeastern)
Katherine Goldstein-Breyer and Judson Coplan (niece of Justice Breyer)

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