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Non-Sequiturs: 10.14.10


* A federal judge allows state challenges to Obamacare go forward. Whatever, wake me up in 15 years when we have to have the single-payer debate again. [Wall Street Journal]

* The purpose of teaching lawyers how to act isn’t to help them become better liars. [End Scene, Exit Right]. [Underdog]

* “It’s okay in Italy” is not a viable defense to sexual harassment. [Courthouse News Service via @kashhill]

* British billionaire Alki David will pay Obama streaker’s rent for a year, and his sister’s hospital bills, but not the full $1 million. [ABC News]

* CVS is getting smacked so hard, you’d think it was a supporting character on Breaking Bad. [CNN Money]

* A bunch of big name law professors, including several members of the Volokh Conspiracy, signed a letter endorsing the legalization of pot in California. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Musical chairs: congrats to Lat’s former Wachtell colleague, Scott Black, who has left the SEC and joined Hudson Bay Capital Management as general counsel and chief compliance officer. [Dow Jones]

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