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Recent Bar Exam Results: Open Thread
Illinois, Indiana, Florida — any others?

As we recently discussed, we’re starting to enter the heart of darkness bar exam results season. Passing or failing the bar can mean the difference between having or not having a job — especially if you’re working for a small firm, which might be less forgiving of failure than a Biglaw behemoth (at least according to some readers).

The first state to release bar exam results, North Carolina, mailed them out on Friday, August 27. But if you’re waiting for results from one of the biggies, New York or California, you still have several weeks to go.

In the past two weeks, including today, some smaller but still sizable states announced their bar exam results. Let’s take a look….

Florida posted bar exam scores last week, on or about September 20. Check them out here.

Today, October 1, brought bar news from two other significant states: Illinois and Indiana.

The Indiana bar exam results are available here.

Illinois has a different approach (as we noted last year). They don’t just post all the results, all at once, on the web; rather, they notify different applicants at different times. You have to log into IBABY (a name that always makes us laugh; we wonder if Steve Jobs is equally amused).

One tipster tells us:

I assume by now you’ve been told by a ton of people that the Illinois bar results are being released RIGHT NOW. They are going in alphabetical order and for those of us at the bottom, the one thing we hoped for was an ATL article that discusses the pain of possible failure. Alas, you have given me NOTHING to read while I sit at my desk clicking “refresh” every 10 seconds.

Well, here you go. And maybe there will soon be some comments for you to read, from similarly anxious individuals.

One reader provided this info on timing:

The Illinois Bar Exam results for the July 2010 exam are out and being disbursed alphabetically by last name, as of 11:30 a.m. [Central time] the “A”s and “B”s have their results.

But wait! One reader, who initially told us it was alphabetical, went back on that assessment:

I thought [it was alphabetical] too, until random letters started getting results. FWIW I am a C and have not heard yet [as of almost 2 p.m. Central time]. No idea what the methodology is.

Well, as many of you know, IBABY isn’t perfect.

Here’s some advice: chillax. You will get your results in the fullness of time — and you will probably get good news. The Illinois bar exam pass rate hovers near 90 percent.

To everyone who passed a bar exam whose results were announced recently — Florida, Indiana, Illinois, and any other states we’ve failed to mention — congratulations! Feel free to celebrate your good fortune in the comments.

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