Tucker Max Gets Sued By Duke Law

You know what scares me? There’s a version of my career where I end up as the bizzaro version of Tucker Max. The “fat, black, and married” version of Tucker Max. The “other guy” who used douchebag behavior to get through elite institutions, just like Tucker Max.

It’s like, if I everything goes wrong for me but I end up with a book and a movie deal, I’ll be a Tucker Max clone. It’s not likely, but the mere possibility of it keeps me up at night. I’m a nice guy, really, I am. I’m not nice to, like, people or anything, but I have a good soul. I don’t want to be the black Tucker Max! And I’m not.

But then I read things like Max’s latest tweet, and I think “Dear God, is that what I could become?”…

I don’t follow @TuckerMax, but some of our tipsters do. Earlier this week, I received this nice email:

Apparently Tucker Max (douche) was sued by Duke. He hasn’t posted the details but it’s worth following and probably worth a story. I would normally never suggest you write a story about this dbag but it will probably make Duke look even worse.

And this horrible email:

Elie, we all know you just want to be Tucker Max, but he’s better than you at every turn. While you’re getting boycotted, Bro Max is getting sued!

F-you, mean emailer.

The nice emailer updated me today:

[Turns out his lawsuit] is lame, just like his movie.

Cool? Not for me, check out what’s he’s getting sued for. From his Twitter feed:

Duke lawsuit isn’t something cool like defamation, it’s about 4k they say I owe for unpaid tuition. BS. If it gets funny, I’ll update.

Noooo…. NOOOOOO. That was going to be my move. I’m the one that’s been spending years laying the groundwork for this (and my counterclaim). He’s just some d-bag who screwed up and probably confused Cameron, the escort, with his law school and cut a $4,000 check to the wrong person. This is so unfair.

Anyway, Tucker Max got sued by Duke. I’m writing about it because I’m the guy who does his job, Tucker must be the other guy.

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