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(Hopefully Not Very) Small Law Firm Bonuses: Time for a Reader Survey

A small law-firm bonus, or a small-law-firm bonus?

While Biglaw types may or may not have had something to be thankful for over the holiday weekend, many small firm lawyers were feeling the Thanksgiving love via the SoloSez list serve.

There were numerous magnanimous emails coming through about what small firm lawyers are thankful for. I found myself wondering whether these warm-and-fuzzy feelings resulted from pure happiness — or whether they might reflect cold hard cash, in the form of small-firm bonuses.

So let’s gather some data about bonuses at small law firms….

From a reader:

In your recent posts on [compensation at small law firms], you noted that many people working in small firms had an “eat what you kill” type of benefit as part of their salary. I’m one of the people earning at the low end of the salary spectrum, even for small firms, but they have justified it by setting a referral bonus [that] is higher than average.

Only I have no idea what average is, so I have no idea if I’m getting ripped off. I’m wondering if you could do an open thread on that issue so I know how hard I have to push for more money during my review next month.

Can do. I previously discussed my own bonus (singular, because I only received one in my three full years of employment at a small firm). Are you doing any better?

Please click HERE to take the SURVEY. And please pass along this survey post to any of your friends at small firms; the more survey responses I get, the more accurate and reliable the findings will be.

NOTE: This survey is geared toward small-firm lawyers only. I will be doing a separate survey for the solos out there. Please stay tuned.

As always, send me your thoughts and tips from the world of small firms and solo practices via email, and come follow me on Twitter.

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