Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 11.01.10

It is surprisingly difficult to find a picture of this woman that is safe for work.

* The Washington Post has a hot scoop on how law school might not be the brightest choice for people interested in money. [Washington Post]

* Of course, if you’re the fat kid from Stand by Me, does it really matter what the brightest choice is? [New York Post]

* The Supreme Court will hear arguments tomorrow on whether children have a constitutionally protected right to violent video games. Ground Zero in the War on Nerds. [Kansas City Star]

* Nebraska Law graduate and former Paul, Weiss partner Theodore C. Sorensen died yesterday. [New York Times]

* Okies aren’t going to take this here sharia law sitting down. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Porn star Capri Anderson plans to file a lawsuit against Charlie Sheen. Rick James, what say you? [New York Daily News]

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