Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 11.09.10

* The Canadian Supreme Court is debating whether a woman can give prior consent for unconscious anal sex. When it’s that cold, I guess you do really freaky things to stay warm. [Vancouver Sun]

* Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court is just plain being anal. Yesterday, the Court rejected the first of the Obamacare lawsuits, because it came too soon. That’s what she said. [CNN]

* Connecticut has added an eleventh man, Steven Hayes, to its death row. If executed, Hayes will be only the second inmate in the state to actually die since 1960. [ABC News]

* Oklahomans wanted to keep sharia law from sweepin’ down the plain, but a federal judge just kept everything from goin’ their way. [Wall Street Journal]

* Not just gay people kill themselves when they get bullied -– alleged child murderers do, too. Nancy Grace has to set up a trust dedicated to finding the missing son of a former guest who committed suicide. [Washington Post]

* The ACLU says that the government is trying to impose the death penalty on Anwar al-Awlaki without a trial. Kind of like the jihad he wants to impose on U.S. citizens, no? [Los Angeles Times]

* Think twice next time before you bitch about your employer on Facebook, because you might just get canned. [New York Times]

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