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Career Center: Top International Law Firms

Want to work for a top law firm with legitimate global presence? Check out the following profiles of law firms that are (1) most admired by Career Center readers and Lateral Link members and (2) known for their strong international practice. Don’t forget to check out the profiles for other firms, both international and domestic, and see what each firm’s associates really think about their employers.

  • With lackluster bonus announcements from most lockstep law firms, associates at this firm should be happy with their performance-based bonuses – even if they aren’t transparent.  Most Career Center readers agree and rate this firm #10 among the most admired law firms.  There are several opportunities for the firm’s 2,400 associates to work on international “newsworthy” matters, out of any of its 31 offices worldwide.
  • Associates at the #2 most admired law firm appreciate the level of freedom when it comes to getting international caliber work via this firm’s free-market system.  While there is no official billable hour requirement, most associates agree that 1,950 is the magic number to qualify for bonuses.  Even if international work is not your thing, this firm is also known for its involvement in notable Supreme Court cases.

Let’s look at a few other firms with robust international practices….

  • In over 160 years, this firm has established itself as a global leader and is the #3 among most admired law firm on the Career Center. Both clients and associates alike rave about the brilliant, experts-in-their-fields partners who work at this firm.  It comes as no surprise that making partner at this firm is difficult, but it’s not a reason to avoid working at this firm.
  • Although this firm employs over 1,000 attorneys worldwide, it operates as a single global partnership.  This firm is praised for its international practice, particularly for its Latin America practice, and earns the number six spot on the Career Center’s list of most admired law firms. 
  • Career Center readers rate this firm as the 9th most admired law firm.  Known for its expertise in financial services and technology, this firm also has an international presence and has a great reputation throughout the Pacific Rim.  Lateral Link Members like to point out that the firm is pretty “open-minded” when it comes to managerial decisions and rave about the great people that work here. 

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