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Goodbye Josh Dickinson… and Hello Job Opening (Above the Law Seeks a Small Firm Columnist)

Don’t say I never did anything for you — I’m creating jobs. Okay, I’m creating a job. Well, not a full-time job, just a freelance writing gig. (But at least it pays more than this legal job or this one.)

Yes, after some deliberation, I’ve decided to step away from writing the small law firm column I helped start back in September. What alternative endeavor, you ask, could possibly draw me away from the highly lucrative world of blogging?

Glad you asked. In lieu of my twice-a-week column here (and my day job), I’ve accepted an offer to join the Army’s JAG Corps as a full-time, active duty sold… lawy… soldier-lawyer. Yes, like Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men (except less attractive and not the Navy).

Yes, this is something I want. No, I’m not crazy — just want to do something awesome. The government is going to pay me to undergo weapons training, learn land navigation, stay in shape, and — oh yeah — be a lawyer. It’s a four-year commitment, and if anyone is interested, I’m going to try and chronicle with my journey over at my personal blog: (A)musing Dick. (I’m not sure how that will go because, as Lat knows, blogging and government work don’t always mesh very well.)

The important thing here is that there’s a writing opportunity available. Read on if you’re interested….

Lat and Elie are officially looking for someone to take over the Small Law Firm/Solo Practitioner column here at Above the Law. If you’re interested, please email them at (they both get all emails sent to this address), subject line “Small Law Firm column,” explaining why you’d be the best person for the job. Feel free to include your small law firm experience, vision for the column as a whole, ideas for individual posts, and any other information that might be relevant (e.g., résumé, writing samples, link to your personal blog (if any), etc.).

As for me, going forward, I can be reached at Thanks to all of you who read my posts and took the time to correspond with me over the past several months. Best of luck to all of you.

Over and out!

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