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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: Registry Error

And just like that, it’s December. Flurries fill the sky, Wham’s “Last Christmas” saturates the airwaves, and the list of weddings in the New York Times shortens dramatically. Quality tends to decline along with quantity, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised to find plenty of comment-worthy nuptials (and attractive brides!) over the past couple of weeks.

Here are the three weddings that most caught caught our eye:

Elizabeth Kronick and Michael Kleinman

Alexandra Endelson and Michael Bassik

Lucy Martinez and James Sullivan Jr.

Check out these couples’ pictures and write-ups, including one jaw-dropping wedding registry — plus a list of all the recent legal eagle weddings — after the jump.

Elizabeth Kronick and Michael Kleinman
(Buy them a nut bowl.)

The Case:
– This appealing-looking couple met at and graduated from Tufts. They both have JDs from New York law schools: Hers is from Brooklyn, his from Cardozo (magna).
– She’s a real estate associate in Katten Muchin Rosenman’s New York office. He clerked for a federal magistrate judge in SDNY and will soon be an associate at Fried Frank.

The Case Against:
– Other than the obvious (Brooklyn + Cardozo), these two aren’t giving us much to nitpick about. They both have nice smiles, and her teeth are gleamingly white. Kudos.

Alexandra Endelson and Michael Bassik
(Buy them a baking dish.)

The Case:
– This bride is weirdly similar to the bride above: Both are native Floridians with real estate developer fathers and interior designer mothers, and both attended middling law schools in New York. This one has an undergraduate degree from the University of Miami and a JD from Cardozo. The write-up is ominously silent regarding her current employment status.
– The groom was cum laude at UPenn and has a JD, also cum laude, from American University. According to the NYT, “[h]e was an Internet marketing consultant during the presidential campaigns of John Kerry and Hillary Rodham Clinton,” which sounds like tricky wording to us. LEWW spoke during the 2008 Republican convention and skied during the 2010 Winter Olympics. And the word “during” is doing a lot of work in that last sentence.

The Case Against:
– This may set the ATL record for wedding-registry avarice. By our calculation, the grand total of this couple’s demands amounts to $78,022.35 on three registries (these two are the big ones), including six $425 picture frames, a $1,590.00 coffeepot, and a $700 “Dom Perignon pitcher.” LEWW is delighted to live in a society where people are free to spend their legally acquired wealth in any lawful way they desire, but that doesn’t mean we can’t call this what it is: pretty damn tacky. North Korean mothers are watching their babies literally starve to death in their arms, and this bride thinks she deserves $1,760 in sterling silver fish forks. And for what — graduating jobless from Cardozo? Bleh. But hey, if you disagree, you can buy her that $660 baking dish she wants. It’s still available.

Lucy Martinez and James Sullivan Jr.
(Buy them a pasta bowl.)

The Case:
– This beauteous brunette has an undergraduate degree, cum laude, from the University of Florida and a MBA from UPenn. Her groom graduated from Holy Cross and received a JD from Catholic University and an MBA from Georgetown.
– She works in philanthropic fund-raising; he’s the founder and managing director of a private investment firm in Chevy Chase.
– They were married at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York by none other than the Rev. Paul Scalia, a Roman Catholic priest and the son of Justice Antonin Scalia. We hear that Rev. Scalia and the groom were friends at Holy Cross and that Kevin O’Scannlain — also a college friend and a son of a noted jurist — was a groomsman.

The Case Against:
– Catholic University’s law school is only the fourth-best in DC. But the Catholic thing seems to be a strong theme here, so they get a bit of a pass. (We also tend not to ding Mormons for going to BYU.)

The Verdict:
Team Martinez-Sullivan wins because both the bride and the groom seem like classy people and the name “Scalia” appears in their write-up. End of story.

Honorable Mention:
Emily Califano and Eric Pincow (2, NYLS, Weil Gotshal)
Tiffany Slaughter and Jed Freeland (Columbia)

The Rest:
Brenda Godoy and Samuel Martin (NYU)
Margaret Burgess and Jonathan Shine (Georgetown)
Deborah Miller and David Friedman (Case Western Reserve)
Adriana Kertzer and Barry Goldman (Georgetown)
Melissa Simon and Kevin Blake (Columbia, Gibson Dunn)
Grace Fan and Thomas Delatour Jr. (George Washington, Vinson & Elkins)

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