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Poker Lessons For ATL Readers

Long before Rounders and internet gambling and ESPN’s World Series of Poker coverage came along to ruin it all, poker was the game where if you could play (and had a sufficient bankroll) you could sit at a table with important people and make them know your name. You know, back in the day before poker became all about velvet ropes and posturing.

Luckily, despite the poker explosion, so few people play it well that snagging an invite to a quality Thursday night game is still a huge deal. In your career, you’re only going to have a few opportunities where a partner or client invites you over to his home — you cannot blow them. Being able to play a quality game of poker is a useful skill to have in your set. You need to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, and know when to walk away when your partner or client gives you that “fold boy, this is my table and you’re not allowed to win money here” look.

So we’ve got an interesting way to help you out….

Through our partners at Gilt, we’re offering you a one-on-one poker lesson with a World Series of Poker finalist. Enough with this internet poker nonsense; it’s the ability to play with people face-to-face that will put you at the tables you’ll want to be in over the course of your legal career.

As an added bonus, the instructor, Clayton Fletcher, is also a comic. After the one-hour poker lesson there will be a reception at CB’s Comedy Club at Caffe del Mare. And you’ll get tickets to Fletcher’s next show.

And really, you should be able to make back the price of the lesson after an hour at the tables.

The sale for Above the Law readers starts today and runs through December 28th. Fletcher has slots open from January 3rd until February 21st. And if there’s enough interest, maybe Lat and Elie will have to head on down to Atlantic City and see how much you’ve learned.

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