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Snowpocalypse Open Thread

Dealing with a frozen job market.

As I alluded to last week, today I was supposed to be getting some action down in sunny Florida. Alas, thanks to the massive blizzard that hit the East Coast last night, I’m stuck in my Manhattan apartment — after three consecutive flights got canceled on me.

I’m grumpy, but understanding (and enjoying a Glee marathon — finishing up season one). The snowstorm was epic, after all. It’s over now, but the effects linger.

Just check out the view from my window….

This is what it looked like outside my living room window last night:

The snow has stopped many planes, trains, and automobiles. But neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night can stay the billing of hours. Take it from this commenter:

Note to clients and opposing counsel. Sidley NYO is open for business. I am here and cranking out my 7.5.

This is the kind of commitment a firm can get from its people if it pays good bonuses. I also have some in-house friends who went in to work today as well (partly to earn brownie points with their bosses, who are telecommuting from the comfort of their homes in Connecticut, Westchester, and New Jersey).

Have your plans been affected by the inclement weather? Let’s do what we did back in February — and what Gawker did last night — and set up an open thread for discussion.

So feel free to frolic, in the comments. It might not be as fun as playing outside in the snow, but at least it’s something you can do from the comfort of your office, looking productive in front of your computer, before leaving work early today.

(I might go outside now, take some daytime photos, and update this post with them.)

UPDATE: I’ve added a few pictures in the pages ahead. But, to be honest, the NYT slideshow is way cooler.

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