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Lawyer of the Day: Deputy Prosecutor / Other Woman Allegedly Beats Up Wife

For deputy prosecutor Kirmille Welbon, it's all about the shoes.

What the hell is going on with female lawyers in Indiana? Last month, a lawyer there was accused of going on a rampage, in which she allegedly attacked a boyfriend she suspected of cheating and then assaulted a corrections officer. Today we’ve got another attorney — a deputy prosecutor, no less — accused of violence. She allegedly attacked the wife of a man she was sleeping with.

That’s right, the “other woman” apparently attacked the wife. You can’t attack the spouse if you are the other woman. Doesn’t anybody respect the rules? When did Indiana turn into Vietnam?

And things didn’t even get out of hand until the other woman asked the wife to return a pair of Air Jordans, which just makes Indiana look like it’s operating 20 years behind the times…

Here’s the story from WISH-TV in Indiana:

Metro Police arrested Kirmille Welbon late Sunday night after she forced her way into Devann Johnson’s apartment and allegedly started a fight with his wife.

Police say Devann told Welbon to leave. Welbon complied and Johnson also left the home. About 20 minutes later, Welbon returned and asked Kiewanin Johnson, Devann’s wife if she could have the Michael Jordan tennis shoes she bought him.

The wife told her she didn’t know who she was, but that she needed to leave. That’s when Welbon allegedly grabbed Kiewanin by her hair and a fight ensued.

Quick question: does Indiana even have a “character and fitness” review for new lawyers? Other states have lawyer scandals; what’s up with Indiana and its penchant for lawyer assaults? The Indiana bar needs to start having some “anger management” CLE.

Love triangle lands Marion County deputy prosecutor in jail [WISH-TV]

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