Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 01.21.11

* How does it feel to get laughed at by the Supreme Court? Ask AT&T’s lawyer. He shouldn’t feel bad, though, it was nothing personal. [Washington Post]

* “Michael J. Devereaux and has earned a reputation in New York’s legal and business community for excellence.” And sextortion. Don’t forget the sextortion. [New York Post]

* This prisoner is trying to dethrone the King of Pro Se Litigants, but the Kardashian sisters weren’t outrageous enough for him to steal the crown. [Riptide 2.0 / Miami New Times]

* Have a nice trip, see you next fall. A sue-happy woman proves that one of the dangers of texting while walking could be exposing yourself as a felon. [New York Daily News]

* It’s no secret that your private life isn’t private if you broadcast it all over the internet. But can you get fired over it? Apparently you can. [Wall Street Journal]

* Forcing a 5-year-old to eat a penis instead of a tasty donut is just plain mean, but expecting to get off because you’re a lawyer is just plain stupid. [Courthouse News Service]

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