Non-Sequiturs: 01.10.11

Tom DeLay

* Tom DeLay gets sentenced to three years. [WSJ Law Blog]

* If we want to ban threatening speech against Congresspeople, what will we really be banning? [Volokh Conspiracy]

* Apparently my final solution on guns could lead to the well-regulated militia rising up. [First One @ One First]

* Maybe it isn’t impossible to teach transactional practice in law school. [Concurring Opinions]

* Jared Lee Loughner entered might enter an insanity plea, and it looks like his mug shot will be the first exhibit. [Slate]

And you thought the burger at DB Bistro was expensive....

* If you’re a mere law firm partner — as opposed to a Wall Street managing director or, better yet, a hedge fund mogul — you probably can’t afford the $5,000 hamburger at this Las Vegas resort hotel. [Dealbreaker]

* Bush 43’s dog lent a helping paw in the judicial nomination process. Laugh all you want, but Barney is better than a Ouija board. [Tex Parte Blog]

* Electronic health records can be great — but they present some legal risks, notes Ben Kerschberg. [Huffington Post]

* Killing and death figure prominently in Blawg Review #293. [The Defense Rests via Blawg Review]

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