Non-Sequiturs: 01.13.11

* Brooklyn College kid complains of a hidden camera in her apartment and is sent to psychiatric ward. The thing is, there was a hidden camera in her apartment. And tinfoil hats work. (Only one of those last two sentences is true.) [Forbes]

* Somebody should start a group for law professors against law schools. The latest member of the club: Bruce Antkowiak of Duquesne Law. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Former lawyer decides to devote her time to animals in a very awesome way. She helps people incorporate animal-friendly activities into their travel plans. Which immediately makes her the best travel agent ever. [Your Time Travels]

* Blacks in the military? Check. Women? Check. Gays? Check. Wow, it looks like the military is getting really inclusive… no, no wait, people with bad genes might be need to get out. [Instapundit]

* A personal story about Judy Clarke, defense counsel to Jared Lee Loughner. [Underdog]

* In case you missed this question on the MPRE, no, you can’t expense your booty calls to the firm. [Legal Profession Blog]

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