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A Portrait of the Temple Law Shooter as a Young(er) Man

The jury verdict in the attempted-murder trial of Temple Law student Gerald Ung came out on Tuesday, but people are still talking about the case.

Some readers have complained about our repeated use of Gerald Ung’s mugshot to illustrate our stories. In yesterday’s linkwrap, we mixed it up a bit, using a more formal photo of Ung.

The other day, a reader sent us a more colorful image of this new celebrity of the legal profession….

The taker of the photograph provided this background:

Thought you might enjoy the attached picture of drunk Gerald Ung at a party in August 2009. Not exactly looking like the stereotypical small, weak, non-aggressive Asian that has been contrasted with meathead [Eddie] DiDonato.

That said, I think the jury came out with the right decision.

Here’s the photo. We’re not doing this as an official ATL caption contest, but feel free to suggest captions if you like, in the comments.

temple law student not guilty in philadelphia shooting [angry asian man]

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