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Bar Exam Open Thread: How’s It Hanging, February Test Takers?

I hope you were properly dressed for the February bar exam.

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to make a hanging joke in the middle of the February bar exam. I know it’s tough stuff taking the bar in February. Many people who are sitting for the exam right now have already had one bad experience with the test. It’s cold in most of the country. A lot of people feel they need to pass this test in order to hang onto their jobs.

And really, the pain started well before the actual test. How many February bar takers spent the holidays and New Year’s stressing about the exam?

But if you did sit for the bar today, you already know all of this. You’ve dealt with it and hopefully you are in the process of coming through clean on the other side…

So how did it go? There’s nothing you can do about it now, but most people who feel like everything was difficult and terrible did okay. It’s the people who skip out of there all like “piece of cake, that was so easy,” who crapped the bed.

Feel free to discuss your exam experiences on the comments. But a word of WARNING: Please do NOT discuss specific questions or topics from today’s bar exam in this thread. To learn why it’s a bad idea, see here. If we see such comments, we will delete them (and may ban the responsible commenter from future commenting).

I hope all of our readers did well, and I sincerely hope nobody has to take the thing for a third time this July.

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