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Drunk and Disorderly Conduct at a Law School Prom?

High school prom: lost innocence.

The volume of applications to law schools nationwide is down by about 13 percent for the fall 2011 class, as noted recently by the Daily Journal (subscription). This is positive news. Maybe it means that people who are thinking prudently about their futures are finally getting the message that law school is no longer a golden ticket (assuming it ever was).

Of course, if all the wise people start avoiding law school, we’ll be left with the Idiocracy paradigm: only the slow and reckless will submit themselves to three years of legal education.

That might be bad for the legal profession, but it will certainly give us more to write about here at Above the Law. It’s been far too long since we’ve had a bunch of law students doing dumb, drunken things at a law school event. (Tulane, I don’t even know who you guys are anymore. The bad economy must be killing your mojo.)

With Tulane sidelined by a case of “let’s try to be respectable,” I’m happy to report that another law school seems ready to step up and fill the embarrassingly drunken void….

Things allegedly got out of hand at the UC Davis “Over the Hump” dance on Saturday. Really, anytime people in student government have to send around a passive-aggressive email to people after an event, it’s a good indication that the event was off the chain.

After Saturday night’s dance, here’s what students received in their inboxes from their Law Students Association (LSA) representatives:

Dear OTH Attendees:

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed themselves and acted responsibly at Over the Hump on Saturday night. Over the Hump is an important tradition at King Hall and an important celebration for our community.

I’m guessing that “everyone who enjoyed themselves” is a larger group than those who “acted responsibly.”

While students have thoughtfully expressed their appreciation for this year’s event, others have raised very legitimate concerns regarding the behavior of some students and their guests, and issues with the venue…

We also want to remind everyone of the importance of conducting oneself appropriately at events like Over the Hump. Unfortunately, LSA had to close the bar early, cut students off, and ask others to leave as a result of their behavior. This was very frustrating. While we obviously want to continue to host Over the Hump, it is up to our community as a whole to act responsibly to ensure we can do so.

Frustrating? Sounds like some people needed to chill out and have more shots, instead of hassling revelers and closing down bars.

In all seriousness, though, how out of control was the behavior of the King Hall law students? Pretty messed up, according to one tipster who was there, who alleges as follows:

  • 1L stole a bottle of Patrón from the bar and started lining up shots.
  • 2L punched out a security guard, got ejected.
  • Vomiting in in the library stacks, on the books.
  • 1L girl vomited in the bathroom, slipped in her own vomit, split her head on the floor, and bled all over the bathroom. Girls started lining up in the guys’ bathroom soon after.
  • Fornicating in the stairwells, in the library stacks, on the bus ride home.

[Cue commenters who do this kind of stuff “on the reg.”]

UPDATE: Speaking of the commenters…. Given how much drinking there was at this event, it’s not surprising that memories diverge on what exactly happened. You can read alternate accounts in the comments.

I gotta say the most shocking thing I see here is that apparently UC Davis breeds 2Ls who like to mix it up with bouncers. Who knew? And now we get to play the game: How Should UC Law Students React to Bouncers?

UCLA: Threaten to sue.
USC: Offer to represent.
UC Davis: Punch out.
Boalt Hall: Formalize weed arrangement.
Irvine: Offer free shots.
Hastings: Ask for job application.

Other than the physical violence, which we’ve seen at other schools too, it sounds like UC Davis threw a pretty good party. Free Patrón, rampant sex, and a 1L girl who now has a deeper appreciation of the Billy Joel song Big Shot. Really, what more can you ask for?

Responsibility? Come on, these people decided to go to law school during a terrible legal economy. Let’s try mastering self-preservation before we worry about public responsibility.

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