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Incest Is Bad, Mmmkay. It’s Just Bad.

I don’t like talking about incest, ever. But apparently some people out there need to be reminded that they shouldn’t have sex with their children.

There are a couple of absolutely disgusting stories floating around about some horribly depraved people. I hope you haven’t had breakfast yet…

First up is Hollie Beston. She’s the kind of “mother” who will make an atheist believe in hell. From the Seattle Weekly:

It took eight months longer than it took to send her estranged husband Brian Beston to prison for 26 years to life, but Hollie Beston is now headed to the clink too, and for at least three years longer than her scumbag hubby.

The crime: She repeatedly videotaped her six-foot, 360-pound husband raping their 4-year-old daughter and sent the videos to another perv online.

You know, I applaud the justice that produced a harsher sentence for depraved mother than the sicko father. I don’t know what kind of person rapes their own daughter, but sitting back and watching your daughter get raped seems marginally worse.

Then again, take a look at this bastard. From OC Weekly:

One night in August 2002, Refugio Tochihuitl looked at his sleeping 5-year-old daughter and decided to do the unthinkable.

He removed her clothes and inserted his erect penis into her butt…

During an interview, Tochihuitl admitted to police that he had indeed stuck his penis into his daughter’s ass, but he calmly reasoned that she hadn’t violently fought his advances.

Tochihuitl got 15 years to life.

Anybody else want to sign my petition requiring people to receive a state license before they’re allowed to procreate?

If you believe incest is justifiable, you shouldn’t have children.

Hollie Beston, God-Awful Human, Sentenced to 29 Years in Prison for Videotaping Obese Husband Raping 4-Year-Old Daughter [Seattle Weekly]
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