Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 02.03.11

* When it comes to Obamacare, Senate Democrats have broken it down MC Hammer style for Republicans: you can’t repeal this. [Bloomberg]

* How dare this woman sue Nutella! What kind of an evil human being would do that? That stuff is like spreadable crack! Who cares if it’s actually healthy? [Top Class Actions]

* Guys in my high school forgot to mention in their law school applications that they sold LSD to undercover cops all the time. It was no big deal. [New York Post]

* Leniency for sex? Sounds like my student loan repayment plan. But, in Tennessee, it’s probably for some redneck crime, like stealing clothes from the laundromat. [Kingsport Times-News]

* Can you constitutionally force someone to eat their vegetables? No, but a Harvard Law professor thinks you can be forced to buy your vegetables and then eat them. Ah, semantics. [The Apothecary / Forbes]

* Arm & Hammer, you may have dropped your kitty litter lawsuit, but you got your facts wrong. As a crazy cat lady in training, I know that cats do talk. [Reuters]

* Jimmy Carter is getting sued for $5M because people don’t like what he wrote about Israel in his $27 book. Did they pick $5M in damages out of a hat? [Political Bookworm / Washington Post]

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