Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 02.04.11

* The Cooch has demanded immediate Supreme Court review for Obamacare. Is this just “grandstanding by Ken Kookynutty”? [Virginia Politics / Washington Post]

* Holy benchslap, Obama! Judge Feldman basically spanked Barack’s entire administration and told them all to go to their rooms over some offshore drilling shenanigans. [Bloomberg]

* Only in Alabama is it kosher for a judge pull his own gun on a defendant in court. Actually, there’s probably nothing kosher in Alabama, but you know what I mean. [Montgomery Advertiser]

* Man, stop being such a narc. Let people in Oakland have their little pot farms – you know, if they ever remember to get around to it. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

* Rich white people in New York are killing Roberta Flack and her dog softly with their racist elevator rules. [Reuters]

* Logic fail for New York. Judges are behaving badly, but the state bar association wants to make it harder to remove them. [New York Times]

* J.P. Morgan and Bernie Madoff were apparently licking each other’s popsicles and drinking each other’s Ponzi “cult” Kool-Aid. [Wall Street Journal]

* Director Steven Soderbergh is probably hoping for a Maury moment right about now. Seriously, what kind of a person names their kid Pearl Button? [New York Daily News]

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