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Courtship Connection: Sloppy Seconds

A couple of participants played Courtship Connection musical chairs

At the heart of our Courtship Connection series is the premise that lawyers play well together in romantic relationships. Hopefully the story earlier this week of an engagement between two lawyers going horribly wrong won’t discourage future participants from taking on a fellow lawyer as a playmate.

Previous Courtship participants aren’t discouraged, at least. Perhaps you remember the whiskey-swigging law student who was “prettier/kinder/smarter” than the Blue Moon-drinking fellow student I paired her with? In her write-up, she expressed an interest in the “nice, smart, and talkative” Big Gov lawyer who wasn’t swept off his feet by a fellow conservative attorney over dim sum on Valentine’s Day. She was up for “steamed buns” but, sadly, he wasn’t.

Our picky Elephant says that “a friend” alerted him to whiskey girl’s call to action. He emailed me to say he was up for it, so I sent them out to The Tabard Inn in Dupont Circle. He wound up getting that action. At least, I think he did…

Our younger law student showed some impressive initiative — such as it was — in making the first move via write-up. She says:

When I mentioned in my original ATL writeup that I was interested in being set up with Kash’s “attractive attorney,” I didn’t have high hopes that it would actually happen. But to my surprise, he was game for a Round Two and we decided to give this thing another go.

Our flattered older man says:

My second ATL date somehow came under stranger circumstances than my first; while not on Valentine’s Day, this date was based solely on the facts that my date had thought me a “gentleman” from the ATL entry on my previous encounter. All I knew about her was two TV shows she liked (Ed. note: Those were “Arrested Development” and “It’s Always Sunny.”) and that she was “prettier/kinder/smarter” than her last date. That is, I didn’t have Kash’s expert (*cough*) matchmaking abilities backing this up.

I tried to get one of these two to pick the venue for the date, but each waffled. I finally got them to narrow it down to a part of town: Dupont Circle. I know Tabard Inn is a romantic spot, with cozy chairs and a fireplace. I hoped it would help generate some heat between these two.

Our gentleman lawyer says:

We had no trouble finding each other at Tabard Inn, and were lucky enough to find seating in the first floor lounge. After some drinks we decided we were both hungry and wanted a table for dinner. Foreseeing this possibility, and knowing that it can be tough to get a table at Tabard Inn, I luckily had made a reservation.

So, she’s not the only one who showed initiative in this pairing.

She says:

It turns out he had thoughtfully made a dinner reservation beforehand, which was great because I was starving and had heard that the food was delicious. We settled down for drinks and dinner, and it was quickly apparent to me that my date was very intelligent, funny, and sweet. Our conversation ranged far beyond the usual law-related topics, which is always a good sign. We made fun of the fact that we found ourselves on yet another blind date set up by a legal blog, but the ridiculousness of the situation only added to the fun.

He says:

The conversation went well from drinks through dinner; she was in fact pretty, kind and smart and our conversation ranged from predictable topics like where we were from, law school, college, and future career plans, to headier subjects such as the existence of God and our favorite characters on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Time moved quickly, and after the check was paid, she asked me if I’d like to get a drink with her at a nearby bar and that some of her friends would be meeting her.

Seems a little early to take this relationship to the introduce-him-to-my-friends stage, but she says:

The restaurant was conveniently located near my school’s bar review, and I planned on attending after the date. Dinner seemed to be going well, so after wrestling with the idea for a bit I decided to invite him to stop by and have a drink before calling it a night. Amazingly enough, he was willing to brave the cold (and my potentially rowdy friends) and we grabbed a last round of drinks at the bar.

The move worked out. He was apparently eager to relive the law school days. A commenter on the last Courtship Connection post said he imagines every guy on one of these dates is Patrick Bateman. But for this date, I think we should be thinking of Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused.

Our jail bait (not really, though) reports that she ordered Maker’s. David Wooderson says:

Unlike her, I had not just started spring break and had work the next day, but I’d had a good time, so I agreed and off we went. Once at the bar, we got drinks and continued talking, mostly trying to out-snark one another about how undergrad-y the bar was, which then somehow led to an exchange of phone numbers. A drink later I felt it was a good time to make my exit as her friends trickled into the bar, and I made my way home. Overall, it was a fun night, and definitely better than the last. That is, I am looking forward to the second date.

The couple sent this steamy photo from the date

All right, all right, all right. They say gentlemen don’t kiss and tell. That “somehow” above seems like a loaded one. What happened before her friends got there?

She says:

As for what happened during the final half hour he stayed at the bar, I think I’ll leave it up to him to give you the details (I know, I know… pics or it didn’t happen).

Needless to say, we exchanged numbers. I suppose I’ll have to see him again, if only to refute his mistaken idea that his alma mater invented beer pong. Despite that misunderstanding, I had a great time and I’m happy I decided to single him out for a second round.

That sure sounds suspicious, but innocent until proven guilty, I suppose. Glad it worked out. Enjoy that second round, cuz’ you just gotta keep datin’, man. D-A-T-I-N.

Kash is an editor emeritus of Above the Law. She now spends her days at Forbes writing about privacy, technology and the law at The Not-So Private Parts. For a background on the creation of ATL Courtship Connection, see My Weird Hobby: Matchmaking Lawyers.

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