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Fame Brief: Identity of First Bachelorette Contestant Leaked — A Lawyer!

Ashley Hebert

In case you were too busy watching the End Times unfold in Japan last Monday, back in sunny L.A., music soared and angels cried as second-time-around Bachelor Brad Womack finally selected a fiancée from a cumulative pool of 60 desperate women. As ABC production assistants stood just off camera with guns, Brad and his fiancée confirmed they would marry, and the network announced next season’s Bachelorette: second runner-up Ashley Hebert.

Though 26-year-old Ashley is probably best known to fans for her sperm-like eyebrows and for sexing Brad up in the Fantasy Suite, she’s also a fourth-year dental student at U. Penn. and, accordingly, the most respectable Bachelorette yet. So… does this mean ABC will nix the usual crew of medical sales/mall kiosk workers/”entrepreneurs,” up the ante, and give Ashley some real professional dudes to vie for her heart?

Seems like it….

Meet Ben Castoriano, the first confirmed Bachelorette contestant for Ashley’s season and — HOLLA — a lawyer. Ben’s a fourth-year litigation associate at Frilot, a New Orleans-based firm. Obviously I’ve never heard of it, but the site seems reasonably legit, as does Ben’s résumé, which includes a JD from Tulane (2007), a “BSBA” from University of Richmond (2004), and native fluency in French. When he’s not pounding cold brewskis or dancing in tuxes at weddings, he’s keeps busy not returning phone calls as a card-carrying member of the broletariat. Awesome.

Also awesome? Frilot LLC. Here’s the word on the street:

  • Castoriano requested and obtained a six-week leave from Frilot to participate in the show.
  • A crew from the show was in the Frilot offices, after hours, to film “day in the life” footage.
  • Castoriano has already left and has to stay in the house until the final rose, even if he’s eliminated.
  • Frilot told Castoriano that its name should appear nowhere in the show.
  • There is a movement afoot at Frilot to rent out the Prytania for the show’s first episode.

Sure, Frilot is cool with it now, but they may change their minds once they see him tonguing down Ashley in a helicopter on a televised picnic. Recall the case of David Otunga, the Harvard Law grad and former Sidley Austin associate who got canned for appearing on I Love New York 2. And you know what happened to David, don’t you? He lived happily ever after.

Good luck to Ben…we’ll be watching!

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