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Husband of Porn-Posing Canadian Judge Pleads Guilty

Madam Justice Lori Douglas, clothed.

It’s been a while since we last checked in on Madam Justice A. Lori Douglas, the Canadian jurist featured in pornographic photos that found their way to the internet. Today we have an update.

The update relates to Justice Douglas’s husband, Jack King — the Canada lawyer responsible for posting the pictures of his wife engaging in bondage, playing with sex toys and administering fellatio, among other activities….

Here’s the report from the Winnipeg Free Press, which has been totally on top of Lori Douglas and her scandal:

Lawyer Jack King has pleaded guilty to three counts of professional misconduct at a hearing before the Law Society of Manitoba this morning.

King offered an apology to the Law Society. He said his wife had been hurt by “privately indulging” him, and she had done “nothing wrong.” He said his behaviour had caused him to be the subject of ridicule.

And maybe her, too. After all, Lori Douglas is the one holding judicial office, and she’s the one in the nudie pics.

As for his wife’s “privately indulging” him, that’s a vast understatement — Justice Douglas must be the most indulgent woman in all of Canada. Not only did she cater to her husband’s fantasies and allow him to photograph her doing so, but she hasn’t divorced his sorry ass (so far). She sounds like a saint (albeit a kinky one).

King was accused of pressuring a man to have sex with his wife and future family court judge. He appeared before the Law Society of Manitoba on a charge of professional misconduct.

King was accused by a former client, Alexander Chapman, who says King gave him sexually explicit photos of his wife, Lori Douglas, in 2003. Douglas was named a judge two years later.

King has admitted sharing photos with Chapman, but King’s lawyer has said his client was depressed at the time and acting without his wife’s knowledge.

It’s an odd excuse. When I’m depressed, I self-medicate with ice cream and oversleep; I don’t upload my homemade porn to the internet.

Here’s some additional coverage — including reaction from King’s former client, Alex Chapman — from the Toronto Sun:

[Chapman] suggested King’s wife knew her husband was trying to arrange the tryst and was showing photos of her to Chapman.

“Jack King did not act alone,” Chapman said. “When we went to Earl’s on Main, I said to [Judge Lori Douglas], ‘You look just like your pictures’.”

King left the Law Society building via the back exit during Monday’s break, thereby avoiding a throng of media.

When asked about that, Chapman said, “Maybe he doesn’t like cameras, but he sure knows how to use them.”

Touché — nice snark, Mr. Chapman. We generally do not accept guest commentaries at Above the Law — so please don’t send any to us, readers — but we might make a special exception for Alex Chapman.

P.S. In case you missed them the first time, feel free to check out the nude photos of Justice Lori Douglas (creatively edited to remove nudity).

UPDATE: As reported by the Winnipeg Free Press, “disgraced lawyer and judge’s husband Jack King got off with a reprimand” (and maybe some nipple clamps, too). “The Law Society of Manitoba agreed to a joint recommendation by King’s lawyer and counsel for society not to suspend King…. It also decided that no fine was necessary.”

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