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Law License Plates: Don’t Drink and Drive (With This License Plate)

Based on the overwhelming number of submissions we’ve received — please don’t be offended if yours doesn’t make the cut — it seems you’re enjoying our recent series on legally-themed license plates. You can send in your photos via email (subject line: “Vanity License Plate”).

Here’s one license plate we received that’s not explicitly law-related. But the reader who submitted it described it as “a DUI lawyer’s worst nightmare.”

You should not drink and drive — especially if this is your license plate….

Res ipsa loquitur. Who needs a breathalyzer?

If you’re going to drive under intoxication (which you should not), you’d be better off with this license plate:

We actually received the “WHATDUI” license plate from two separate sources — an observer, and also the owner of the license plate, who wanted to share it with the world. His name is Louis J. Shapiro, and not surprisingly, he practices criminal and DUI defense law in Los Angeles. You can check out his website at

Please don’t misconstrue this vanity plate: “The license plate is intended not to support DUIs, rather to convey the message that I will defend them on my client’s behalf zealously,” Lou Shapiro explained to ATL.

Like an enterprising solo practitioner, Shapiro did not miss a business-development opportunity. Unlike most of our sources — who prefer to remain anonymous, which is our default rule for attribution — he was happy to be named: “I can be reached at Lou at LouShapiro dot com.”

I’m planning to attend NALP’s annual education conference next month, flying into Los Angeles and driving out to Palm Springs. If I get into any mischief while in southern California, Lou, I know where to reach you!

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