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The Best Law Schools — Ranked By Law Firm Recruiters

Harvard Law is #1, according to law firm hiring partners.

We mentioned them briefly in Morning Docket but didn’t do more, figuring that perhaps you might have rankings fatigue. But we were wrong; apparently you can’t get enough of law school rankings. (This really shouldn’t surprise us, based on the traffic we got for this rankings post, and even this one.)

We’ve received several emails asking us for more coverage. And our friends at the ABA Journal and the WSJ Law Blog devoted full posts to them.

So let’s get into them: the latest law school rankings generated by U.S. News & World Report, namely, law schools ranked by law firm recruiting personnel. Which schools made the top ten?

The traditional U.S. News law school rankings will be appearing later this month. In advance of their arrival, the magazine has issued rankings based on a survey of law-firm gatekeepers. U.S. News explains:

Currently, Yale University occupies the top spot in the U.S. News Best Law School rankings. But now Harvard University has something to crow about. In the first ever ranking of law schools by hiring officials at the country’s top law firms, the Boston school has beaten out its archrival in New Haven, Conn. Yale is tied for the second spot with Stanford University in the U.S. News survey, which was sent last fall to 750 hiring partners and recruiters at law firms who made the 2010 Best Law Firms rankings produced jointly by U.S. News and the publication Best Lawyers. The response rate was 14 percent.

Here are the top ten — er, 12 (due to ties) — law schools:

Rank — School — Average Reputation Score (5.0=highest)

1. Harvard University 4.9
2. Stanford University 4.8
2. Yale University 4.8
4. Columbia University 4.7
4. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor 4.7
6. New York University 4.6
6. University of Virginia 4.6
8. Cornell University 4.5
8. Duke University 4.5
8. Northwestern University 4.5
8. University of California–Berkeley 4.5
8. University of Chicago 4.5

To see the full list of the top 25 schools — top 27, actually, again due to ties — check out U.S. News.

So, readers, what do you think? Does this look about right to you? Who’s too high, and who’s too low? Your thoughts are welcome, in the comments.

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