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Cease and Desist Letter of the Day: Who Owns Your Hashtag?

Chris Webby

If you enjoy the fact that a company called PeerViews apparently claims ownership of the term “Small Law,” you’re going to love this latest piece of IP ridiculousness.

Rapper Chris Webby has sent a cease and desist order to the Webby Awards. He wants them to stop using the hashtag, #webby.

I’m pretty sure that trademarking hashtags is one of the prerequisites for the Rapture.

And yes, of course Chris Webby made a video about his legal complaint…

You can read the full cease and desist letter on Tumblr. After reading it, I quickly moved to trademark: #Elie, #Walrus, #typo, and of course #whitepeoplereallypissmeoffsometimes.

I did all that not because the cease and desist letter scared me, but because Chris Webby made a YouTube clip. Can you say #serious?

We’re fighting over hashtags, people. Long live lawyers.

Infringement and Dilution of Trademark Rights of Chris Webby [Tumblr]

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