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Ironic Message About the Value of a Law Degree

Remember that ironic message about the versatility of a law degree?

Now we bring you an ironic message about the value of a law degree….

This is a message from Coase’s List, the list-serv at NYU Law School:

“The Financial Value of Your Law Degree”: CANCELED. That pretty much sums up 2008-2011, doesn’t it?

In all seriousness, though, it could have been worse. At least this went out at NYU Law, where the vast majority of students and graduates secure gainful employment. At many other law schools, this message might have been met with bitterness rather than mild amusement (which was the reaction of our tipster).

P.S. Last month I attended the excellent Korematsu Lecture at NYU, which was delivered this year by the awesome Judge Denny Chin, and I spoke with several current NYU law students at the reception following the talk. All of the students I met had landed summer jobs (most of them at leading law firms). So, based on this admittedly anecdotal evidence, it seems that NYU law degrees are at least holding their value.

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