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Is Cravath Getting Soft?

Consider the evidence, from the website of Cravath. We’re guessing this change was made a while ago, perhaps when Cravath overhauled its home page last June, but we didn’t notice it until a Cravath alum pointed it out to us just now.

Let’s take a look….

Here’s the description of Cravath from its former website:

And here’s the description that appears on the current page:

No need to prepare a blackline (or redline, as a majority of ATL readers prefer, according to our poll on the issue). Our tipster has already done the analysis (Cravath lawyers are very good at generating compare versions):

On Cravath’s front page, they changed “Cravath has been known as THE premier U.S. law firm for nearly two centuries” to “Cravath has been known as ONE OF THE premier U.S. law firms for nearly two centuries.”

I’m flabbergasted. This line was the reason why I went to law school and decided to become the first of my [breed, kind, age, gender, citizenship, race or religious affiliation] to work at CSM. I had a nice stint there and moved on.

Until now, I would only have to refer people to their website to learn about my ultra-prestigious background. That’s all gone now. Maybe I will sue CSM for damaging my professional reputation.

Message to Evan Chesler: please have this fixed, stat. If even Cravath doesn’t claim to offer unmatched prestige points, how can it convince recruits that this is the case?

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