Non-Sequiturs: 04.25.11

* Ropes & Gray is now America’s law firm. [Law Shucks]

* And the Galleon Group case finally goes to the jury. [Financial Times]

* Paul Krugman needs friends. [Dealbreaker]

* Apparently, American children are more dumb than British children and thus cannot be trusted with the same kinds of Easter candy. [DNAinfo]

* The chief judge of the Delaware Chancery Court has decided it’s time to cash in his chips. [WSJ Law Blog]

* This isn’t legal, but I thought all you humane animal stompers would like to know that New Zealand makes Watership Down sound like a bunny day spa. [Huffington Post]

* Today Blawg Review commemorates national DNA day. Hail Science! [An Associate’s Mind via Blawg Review]

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6 Responses to “Non-Sequiturs: 04.25.11”

  1. Guest says:

    I can think of at least one American kid who was probably “more dumb” than his British counterparts. Come on man, “dumber” isn’t an SAT word!

  2. bl1y says:

    I get a Kindereier egg from my dad every freaking Easter, and usually on Christmas too. Is there any more disgusting chocolate in the world?

  3. ElieVanHalen says:

    The best part about the bird-stomping story is that the dumbass staff member believes the “wildlife center” at some state park in Alabama is going to perform surgery and rehabilitate a f-ing hummingbird. It reminds me of when my parents told me my 14-year old dog went to live on a nice farm where he could run around with the horses and such.

  4. Chickabunny says:

    The candy eggs sound awesome. Why must the feds be so unKind?

  5. Isu says:

    Paul Krugman needs psychiatric counseling and several psychotropic medications to address his delusions and hallucinations.

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