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A Real Life ‘Blue’ and a Pushy Prof Spice Up Life at a Top 50 Law School

It’s been a while since we have had a good ol’ Flori-duh story. I mean, that Miami kid came up with a ridiculous student bill of rights ages ago. We’re all overdue for some Everglades antics.

We’ll need to do a Florida potpourri here, but together these two stories have everything we’ve come to expect from the Sunshine State. We’ve got randomness, violence, crime, and circumstances that would seem improbable anywhere else.

And the fact that this is happening at arguably the top law school in Florida just makes everything so much better. Pass the Tropicana and strap in, for a look at life down in Gatorville

Let’s start with the more newsy item. Yesterday reports surfaced that a University of Florida Levin College of Law professor, Kenneth Nunn, had been suspended for a week last month. His alleged offense? Pushing a student. The Gainesville Sun reports:

Kenneth Nunn, who teaches criminal law, received a week’s suspension with pay for the Dec. 10 incident. An investigation by UF’s Office of Human Resource Services found that Nunn shoved the student after a dispute over the use of a classroom.

Levin College of Law Dean Robert Jerry called the incident “inappropriate and unprofessional” in a letter to Nunn, threatening possible termination if such an incident happened again.

Just a week? I bet there are loads of law professors who would gladly shove their students if the penalty was just a week off.

Why was this particular professor roused to violence? Well, it seems he didn’t really know what was going on:

Nunn mistakenly thought the class was assigned to three rooms, including a room where about six other students were taking a tax exam, according to the investigation…

The tax student, who was not identified in the report, later told Nunn “it was atrocious how you handled that.” The student told an investigator Nunn then got in his face and pushed him full force using both hands, before saying, “I’m a law professor and deserve respect.”

I’ll hand out 50 prestige points if the student who was shoved responded, “Don’t tase me bro!”

That’ll make up for the prestige points being taken away by Eric N. Grosch, a 68-year-old law student at UF Law. Once upon a time, Grosch was featured in the student newspaper:

His name is Eric Grosch, 3L, and he’s a man with a mission.

His mission consists of helping doctors who have been wrongfully blacklisted for instances that were the will of God or by other doctors acting in bad faith.

“I’ve seen a lot of injustice in medicine and as a physician can’t do much about it,” Grosch said. “As an attorney, I can enlist and harness the authority of the court to possibly do good things.”

But now Eric Grosch has been “featured” by campus police:

A tipster has a little of the backstory on how Grosch came to this predicament:

Apparently the “gentleman” in question is a 3L at UF. He’s a doctor who [had his privileges suspended for a time] and decided to go to law school. He’s earned the nickname “Blue” (Old School reference), for his age.

He has very annoying habits, according to my friend, which culminated in trespassing charges. Additionally, the law school has posted “wanted” style posters in the law library and around the law school warning students and administration personnel that he is persona non grata.

So you mean it’s a problem if your law school admits a hexagenarian on a mission? Only in Florida.

UPDATE (10/11/11): According to Grosch, the trespass order was rescinded on August 12, 2011.

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