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SUV Smashes a Hole Into Pitt Law School

Conceptual designs for a new building to house Pitt Law School.

I feel bad for Pittsburgh Law students. Just ten days ago, career services embarrassed them by offering students jobs putting fliers on parked cars. And now today, an out-of-control driver punched a hole into their law building.

Literally. Last night an SUV crashed into the Barco Law Building and punched a hole in the wall. Nobody was hurt during the accident, but we hear that nine people were injured during the ensuing stampede of Pitt law students trying to escape through the hole. (Just kidding — nobody was injured — the hole wasn’t nearly big enough for people to fit their non-dischargeable debts through.)

The crash was pretty epic — and there’s a photo. Check it out for yourself…

First, we are a blog, which means we are required by law to show a picture of the car wreck. From the Pitt News:

Dude, is your law school made of gingerbread? The school got hit by a car, not a cruise missile. At a top six law school, the SUV would have left a minor puncture wound, and the building would have implemented its self-fulfilling healing protocols to repair the damage.

All right, I guess that’s unfair. An out-of-control, gas-guzzling SUV is a pretty dangerous weapon:

Scattered piles of debris marked the path the woman drove. Witnesses said the vehicle came out of the Towers garage, heading straight toward David Lawrence Hall and the Barco Law Building.

The scraps of black plastic left behind made it look as if the woman had driven between two concrete pillars about 15 feet apart, straight through a narrow space between the curve of David Lawrence and another pillar about 10 feet away, and then down the nearby stairs before making impact with the Barco Law Building.

A gaping hole outlined the front of the vehicle, with the SUV’s bumper penetrating the concrete wall.

“Laws of physics,” EMS District Chief Steve Carlson said when describing what happened. “Two objects can’t occupy the same place.”

Thanks, EMS Chief Carlson, while we all appreciate it when you drop some physics knowledge on us, can you tell us anything about the sobriety or motives of the woman who drove through two concrete pillars and then into a freaking law school?

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the driver of the SUV was a woman and she was conscious and walking around after the crash.

Meanwhile, the Dean of Pitt Law has declared the building safe, and classes are going on today. So those Pitt students hoping for a “structural integrity day” were pretty disappointed.

On the bright side, fixing the hole in the school should provide gainful employment to a couple of Pitt 3Ls.

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