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ATL Webcast: Career Advice for This Summer (Part 3)

Government jobs; balancing work and play in Biglaw.

Here at Above the Law, we try to offer practical tips for how to succeed in the legal profession. See, e.g., our recent posts about how to take vacation in Biglaw, or the best time for starting your own law firm.

Together with another company that provides useful advice and insight to lawyers, the Practical Law Company, we produced a webcast, We Know What You Should Do This Summer. A panel of career experts tackled topics of interest to law students who want to succeed over the summer — and beyond.

Prior installments of the webcast appeared here and here. Now let’s look at the latest segment….

Just to recap, the panel consisted of:

Check out the video below, for discussion of government summer jobs, how to balance work and socializing as a summer associate, and yes, additional advice about networking:

More installments will be posted next week. As always, thanks to our sponsor, the Practical Law Company — which is joining forces with Drinker Biddle to run the University of Pennsylvania Law School’s first-ever transactional practice Boot Camp, from May 11-13. It should be a great event; learn more about it here.

Practical Law Company and Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP Launch University of Pennsylvania Law School’s First-Ever M&A Boot Camp [Marketwire]

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