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Congratulations To Our 2011 Law Revue Video Contest Winner!

After the closest vote in (the three-year) history (of the Law Revue contest), we are finally able to crown the best law revue video in 2011.

May all of the pride and good feeling in all the land be sent henceforth to Boston University School of Law, for their winning video submission: I Like The Law.

Their video bested the submission from UC Davis Law, Davis State of Mind, by a mere 47 votes. That’s 47 votes out of nearly 11,000 cast. That’s ridiculous…

BU won despite having two entries in the finals. BU’s other video drew 400 plus votes; surely some of those votes would have gone to the eventual winner, if BU had had only one entry.

Particularly interesting was the under-performance of the GW Law entry, F*** You. Some people criticized GW for hiring a “professional” production team (we don’t know if they did or not).

So apparently spending money to make sure you do something really well is frowned upon in this establishment? Right, and I’m sure everybody here shunned taking a prep course for the LSAT or the bar exam.

In any event, congratulations for the very deserving winner. Boston University, you win the funny.

(And some ATL t-shirts. We’d like a member of the creative team behind this video to email us and claim your prize.)

Readers, if you haven’t done so already, check out the BU Law video here:

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