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Law Revue Video Contest: Honorable Mentions

Voting in our Law Revue Video Contest continues through tomorrow night. Don’t forget to weigh in; the voting remains incredibly tight, and things are still up in the air. There’s a fierce East Coast / West Coast rivalry raging right now between BU’s I Like the Law and UC Davis’s Davis State of Mind.

While you ponder the very best videos, we figured we’d give you a little extra. You’ve seen the finalists, and you’ve seen the worst. Now let’s look at some videos that, while good, didn’t quite make the cut.

Have fun with these mildly entertaining videos, our “Honorable Mentions” for this year…

We’ll go through them in alphabetical order by school.


ELIE: This wasn’t bad; it just wasn’t particularly good either. It wasn’t particularly clever or funny; the singing was good, but not overly impressive. It was just, well, a thing.
KASH: I found myself kind of creeped out by the PDA in this video, especially the ménage à trois between the bearded dude, his cupcake and his crim pro casebook (3:37 mark).
LAT: I actually kinda liked this video. The male lead was cute, in a Justin Bartha sort of way, and I chuckled at a few of the legal jokes in the lyrics (e.g., “specific performance”). It just wasn’t as good as our finalists. Also, the ATL “shout-out” at the end was weak.


ELIE: We unabashedly appreciate ATL shout-outs, but this is a whole video centered around ATL posts. That is special. Thank you Fordham.
KASH: Wow, guys. That was a 2010 story. I’m sorry to learn that the bitter taste Treanor left behind is still stuck in your mouths.
LAT: Nice casting — I thought for a moment that the lead actor was actually a dean. And points for the ATL screenshots.


ELIE: The lyrics here aren’t special. I wish they were special. But they kind of bite. There’s no story. What the hell is going on here? They don’t belong here. They make no sense here.
KASH: Perhaps with more sleep, these guys could have composed lyrics that made more sense (med school or engineering as alternatives to law that offer more sleep — huh?), and vaulted this performance — which features great playing and singing — into the finalists’ ring.
LAT: Good production values and self-loathing humor always win points from me. The janitorial costume was great.


ELIE: After you get over the 80s novelty, which is very well done, is there anything actually funny going on here? I don’t think so.
KASH: It may not be ROFL material, but a synthesizer sure makes contract law more fun.
LAT: It’s nice to have comedy rather than drama emanating from UVA Law. This video boasts a cute premise and a well-crafted, unified sensibility. The dancing was hilariously bad, in an 80s sort of way. Strong execution — just not LOL funny.

Thanks to all the contestants — the finalists, the honorable mentions, and yes, even the dishonorable mentions. Don’t forget to vote in the finals!

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