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Lawyer of the Month: April Reader Poll

We’re a little bit late with April’s lawyer of the month reader poll. First of all, we’ve been doing a lot of reader voting so far in this month. (There are still a few hours for you to vote in our Law Revue Video Contest.)

The other reason why we’re a bit delinquent this month is because we think we know who is going to win. It’s not every day that a recent law grad finds himself trying a murder case — and getting reprimanded by the judge for “lack[ing] knowledge of proper trial procedure.”

Such is life during the Obama “recovery.” Check out this month’s nominees below…

There’s one overdog in this competition, but really it’s an honor just to be nominated:

  • William Dorsey — Upon information and belief, Jacksonville attorney William Dorsey is the “Mr. Dorsey” who had the unenviable task of representing Kevin Phillip Gartner during the shortest deposition ever. Perhaps Mr. Dorsey didn’t have to work hard enough to become a lawyer of the month, but he was a fine part of the all-too-brief entertainment had by all.
  • Mark Gold — What do you do if you run up a $19,000 tab at a strip club? Well, when you are Florida attorney Mark Gold, you sue the strip club — pro se, of course.
  • Ed Hastie — Suing Afroman for non-performance on 4/20 was so brilliant, I thought it was a prank. But it wasn’t a joke. Ed Hastie goes all the way up to 11.
  • Joseph Rakofsky — People wanted Rakofsky to win lawyer of the month for March, but his shenanigans didn’t come to light until April. And what epic shenanigans they were. Rakofsky, a recent grad of Touro Law, litigated a case to a mistrial because of his own incompetence, according to a judge. Perhaps not understanding that it is a bad thing to have a judge declare on the record that you “lacked knowledge,” Rakofsky went on to brag about the mistrial on Facebook. Now that, my friends, is a lawyer.

Tell us who you think should be April’s Lawyer of the Month.

Who is April's Lawyer of the Month

  • Joseph Rakofsky (59%, 219 Votes)
  • Ed Hastie (19%, 70 Votes)
  • William Dorsey (17%, 65 Votes)
  • Mark Gold (5%, 19 Votes)

Total Voters: 373

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