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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: Contain Yourselves

LEWW is still coming off our royal wedding high. We’re not going to lie, people: As much as we love the legal wedding scene, we’ve never gotten out of bed at 5:30 to read about SCOTUS clerks tying the knot. But Will and Kate have flown off to happily ever after in their helicopter, so we’ll have to content ourselves with the princes and princesses of the American legal scene — at least until Prince Harry settles down.

Here are our latest finalist couples:

Katherine Boone and Joshua Geltzer

Marie-Adele Sorel and Jeremy Kress

Mark Maher and Louis Miller

Get all the details on these legal-eagle newlyweds, after the jump.

Katherine Boone and Joshua Geltzer
(Buy them a gravy ladle.)
The Case:
– These two met as undergrads at Princeton (she graduated magna; he was summa). The bride has a master’s in American history from the University of Texas. She works as a freelance writer, yet she was able to buy a $2.4 million townhouse last month. This is probably due to the fact that her papa is Garrett Boone, a founder of The Container Store, home of the $35 shower caddy.
– Joshua, meanwhile, rocks our world with a master’s in international relations and a PhD in war studies from King’s College London (he was a Marshall scholar). Now he’s a 3L at Yale and EIC of the Yale Law Journal. Naturally, he has a top-tier clerkship lined up: He’ll be heading to Pasadena in May to serve Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski. Joshua also has “Please deliver to the chambers of Justice Anthony Kennedy” tattooed on his left buttock.

The Case Against:
– The groom’s book, US Counter-Terrorism Strategy and al-Qaeda: Signalling and the Terrorist World-View, will set you back $108.29. A bit steep for the international-relations musings of a 28-year-old who has yet to emerge from academe.

Marie-Adele Sorel and Jeremy Kress
(Buy them a trivet.)

The Case:
– This beaming bride and groom sport impressive Harvard graduate degrees: medicine for her, law and public policy for him. She has an undergraduate degree from Williams; his is from Michigan.
– Dellie is a resident in radiation oncology at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington. Jeremy works as attorney for the Federal Reserve Board in Washington.
Moderately cute proposal story.

The Case Against:
– Inflation! Jeremy, if you and your Federal Reserve peeps don’t chill with the money-printin’, LEWW’s entire ATL salary will soon be going to Ho Hos and US Weekly.

Mark Maher and Louis Miller

The Case:
– No vaginas, but lots of prestige. Mark (left) has a law degree from HLS and an undergraduate degree from Columbia. He’s completing a public-interest law fellowship at New York Public Radio in New York, sponsored by Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, where he used to be an associate.
– Louis has an undergraduate degree (summa) and a medical degree from George Washington University. He’s now a fellow in interventional cardiology at NYU.

The Case Against:
– Mark’s going to be out of a job when we fix the federal deficit by defunding public radio.

The Verdict:
– A 29-year-old brunette bride named Kate, a 28-year-old groom who heads a venerable but increasingly irrelevant institution — Team Boone-Geltzer is legal royalty this week. Congratulations to them and all our newlyweds!

Honorable Mention:
Emily Israel and James Pluhar (Stanford)
Paul Kim and Derek Brown (Yale)
Nina Sassoon, Eliav Assouline (Yale, Davis Polk)
Sarah Ashfaq and Joshua Lantos (UPenn, Davis Polk)
Kristi Remington and Brian Benczkowski (2, AU, WashU)

The Rest:
Lauren Berrol and Jeremy Soffin (SUNY-Buffalo)
Colleen Lang and Eduardo Crosa (UVA)
Evelyn Solis and Frank Pipitone (Touro)
David Knudson and William Hohengarten (Yale)
Heather Dominguez and Robert Rahilly (2, UConn)
Taylor Porter and Norman Pentelovitch (GULC)
Rachel Cohn and Jeffrey Braverman (Columbia)
Lauren Bregman and Daniel Barrie (Maryland)
Yoomi Lee and Benjamin Steele (2, Cardozo)
Naomi Schneider and Adam Cohen (UPenn)
Lauren Rhue and Bari Goggins (Columbia, Paul Hastings)
Amy Rogers and Lauren Schwartzreich (Emory)
Stacey Spector and Ira Brind (2, NYU, UPenn)
Erin McDonough and Erik Schiller (Nova Southeastern University)
Lisa Law and John Lovejoy (Maryland)
Donna Dambrot and Lisa Grossman (St. John’s)

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