Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 05.24.11

* DSK did a very French thing and pulled out while getting screwed. I guess no one told him that being the Director of the IMF doesn’t mean you get to do to people what the IMF does to countries. [Wall Street Journal]

* Career associates get to have “lifestyle” jobs at Biglaw firms — but really, what kind of a lifestyle is it when you have to live in a crappy city with an even crappier salary? [New York Times]

* Opinion polls could influence the Prop 8 legal battle at the Supreme Court. It’s too bad that big, rising polls will gain no favor with our straight male justices. Justice Kagan, on the other hand… actually no, never mind. [Los Angeles Times]

* Why are there fewer women at top law schools? Because most of us are intelligent enough to know that it’s less expensive to get an MRS in college. [The Careerist]

* A New York appellate judge, James M. McGuire, will be joining Dechert, because he can’t afford his 3,500 square foot wife on just $144K a year. [New York Law Journal]

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