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Morning Docket: 05.30.11

Ed. note: Today we remember and thank those who have died in military service to our country. In honor of Memorial Day, Above the Law is on holiday (and we hope you are too). We will return to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

* Can’t really improve on the Deadspin headline here. “Ric Flair Found In Contempt Of Court For Owing Wrestling-Merchandise Company $35K. Whooooo!” [Charlotte Observer via Deadspin]

* Judge Owen Panner of Oregon recently benchslapped the mortgage industry. I’m beginning to think the mortgage industry was plagued by sloppy practices. [Oregonian]

* The Obama administration has started to focus its enforcement efforts on employers of illegal immigrants. Apparently you can become president of this great country without showing proof of citizenship, but you can’t work in the kitchen at Fuddruckers. This guy knows what I’m talking about. [New York Times]

* It’s not dark yet for free speech warrior and all-around deviant Larry Flynt. But it’s getting there. [The Independent]

Muammar Gaddafi

* Ever wondered whether nose jobs can be copyrighted? No? Oh, never mind. [PrawfsBlawg via Gawker]

* You know summer’s coming because another politician is accusing the oil industry of fixing prices. You also know summer’s coming because it’s getting warmer, you dummy. [New York Post]

* Moammar Gaddafi, the NATO bombing campaign, and two French lawyers who clearly absorbed the lesson of To Kill a Mockingbird. [Washington Post]

* Finally, it was revealed over the weekend that Justice Sotomayor received $1.175 million from Alfred A. Knopf for her memoirs. Zune Zune Zune!. [New York Times]

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