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Setting The Harvard Law Review Write-On Competition Ablaze

I don’t think it’s going to come as a galloping shock to anybody that law review was not my kind of thing. My conversational style, inattention to detail, and aversion to boredom really didn’t mesh with anything law review was selling.

And after my 1L year, my grades were strong enough that I knew I’d get a Biglaw job somewhere during OCI; I didn’t need the résumé bump. Why in the world would I want to compete with individuals who really wanted it and would cut me to get on, when at the end the “prize” was being on boring-ass law review? No thanks.

When I received my law review application, I quickly ushered it into the trash.

A current Harvard Law student had a more expressive way of saying no to law review — a more combustible rejection…

A tipster asks:

[H]ave you ever wondered what a HLR write-on competition packet — all 1500 pages of it — would look like going up in flames?

Hmm… well, I don’t really like the destruction of books. But law review packets are fair game I think.

Yeah, that’s a bit elaborate and pyro, but watching it burn is at least as interesting as actually reading a full volume of the Harvard Law Review.

Which reminds me: why is the law review application still being sent around in paper form? Haven’t these people ever heard of email? Or do you have to go to someplace as liberal as Yale to meet people who care about trees?

But what can you do? One man’s golden opportunity is another man’s disposable fossil fuel.

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