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Skadden Wants Your Twitter Handle — And Will Give You Food From A Truck In Exchange

A tipster asked: “How is giving a potential future employer your Twitter ID a good idea?” Well, what if you’re getting free food?

The massive law firm of Skadden Arps is doing a fun little recruitment event at NYU Law School, during finals. They’re feeding the masses! New Yorkers have an affinity for eating food that is sold out of a truck because… well, only civilized people live with millions of strangers right on top of each other, on a rock infested with roaches and mice.

So, yeah, throwing pizza and hungry NYU students from a moving vehicle makes a lot of sense from a New York state of mind.

But would you be willing to give Skadden your Twitter handle? For a slice of pizza?

Let’s look at the promotional flier…

Here it is:

I love how you have to follow Skadden on Twitter to find out exactly where the pizza truck is going to be — as if the sound of law students at the trough could not be heard for blocks.

I wonder how many followers @SkaddenRecruit is going to get through this. I wonder how many NYU Law students can afford truck pizza.

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