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Bedbugs Back In Brooklyn D.A.’s Office

Another summer, another reason to never go to Brooklyn.

Yes, my friends, the bedbugs are back in the King’s County District Attorney’s Office. Last summer, bedbugs invaded the KCDA’s office — and emails started flying around from concerned employees on the verge of having anxiety attacks.

You’d think that given all the coverage and stress, the city would have spent the winter figuring out some way of protecting public employees that have to work in Brooklyn.

But maybe there’s just no cure for bedbugs….

Here’s the email that Brooklyn DA employees received. As usual, it’s likely to make you itch:

Unfortunately, as the warm weather arrived so did 2 reports of bed bugs. We immediately called in the exterminators and the entire area where they were found was treated. We are being pro-active about this problem and on Monday June 13th at 6 PM, the exterminators will be on every floor, in every Bureau and every office with the trained dogs to check for the presence of bed bugs. The professionals will exterminate as necessary.

This is being done in the evening to minimize the disruption of work and to ensure that employees avoid contact with the dogs and the extermination materials.

I will keep you updated and provide information as necessary.

Yeah. This is gross. But at least it seems like they are trying to get on top of the problem.

In the meantime, I think Brooklyn prosecutors should be cutting deals to have criminals bedbug-sweep the offices every morning before the attorneys have to sit down to work.

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