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Career Alternatives: Massage Therapist?

Are you familiar with the website Post Secret? If not, you should check it out. It describes itself as “an ongoing community art project, where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard.”

The secret-spilling postcards are then posted to the web. One of the entries from this past weekend gives a great shout-out to a leading law firm….

Here it is, via Post Secret:

If you scrutinize the letterhead in the postcard, you can figure out that the firm in question is Paul Weiss.

The potential jokes here are too easy — charging by the hour, commitment to client satisfaction, etc. — that I will refrain from making any myself. Write your own “happy endings,” in the comments.

Note that the writer of this confession isn’t necessarily a lawyer; she (or he) simply “work[s] at this huge multinational corporate law firm.” I’m guessing that this individual is a secretary or paralegal, since associates (and partners) don’t usually have the time for second jobs, and don’t need the extra money as much.

If she is a legal secretary who earns extra money by helping to get guys off (and not in the “acquitted of all charges” sense), then there’s precedent for this practice. As you may recall, a former secretary to Akin Gump partner John Dowd allegedly used to moonlight as a high-priced escort, under the late “D.C. Madam,” Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

Based on my own personal experience, I am all in favor of people who have enjoyable second jobs. But this person should proceed with caution. It’s only a matter of time before she is called upon to release the stress of a Paul Weiss lawyer after working hours, when one of her clients from her second job is someone she knows from her first.

And that’s one mess that would be very awkward to clean up.

When I’m not working at this huge multinational corporate law firm…. [Post Secret]

(hidden for your protection)

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