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Celebrity Summer Associate: An Ex-Colleague of Lindsay Lohan

Earlier this month, we asked you: Who are this year’s celebrity summer associates? In recent years, major law firms have hosted famous figures as summer associates, including a successful author and reality TV hottie.

This summer, sadly, the celebrity wattage seems to be considerably lower. Biglaw is less big than it was a few years ago, and landing a summer associate gig isn’t easy, even for the famous. But we still have a few names to pass along (and welcome additional submissions, by email).

This morning Elie referenced one of my favorite films: Mean Girls, starring the talented but now tormented Lindsay Lohan. This reminded me of one of our celebrity summers, who has had the pleasure of acting alongside LiLo. Unlike his famous co-star, however, he is now studying the law rather than breaking it.

Who is he, where is he a law student, and where is he working this summer? Let’s find out….

His name is Wai Choy, he’s a rising 3L at U. Penn., and he’s currently summering at Proskauer Rose, in the New York offices (which are brand-new and stunning, by the way; we’ll be writing about them at some point).

Choy’s legal pedigree is impressive, but he’s more well-known as an actor than as a law student. He starred as one of the “mathletes” in Mean Girls, alongside Lindsay Lohan:

Lindsay Lohan and Wai Choy

Being spotted next to Lindsay Lohan might not be a positive for an offer-seeking summer associate. Luckily, Choy also got to work with the fabulous Tina Fey:

Rajiv Surendra, Tina Fey, and Wai Choy

As you might expect from a successful actor who decided to go to law school, Choy writes and directs as well. From his IMDb bio:

Born and raised in downtown Toronto, Wai has trained in the creative and performing arts since he was a child. Throughout his life, he has studied singing, acting, dancing, and playing musical instruments, such as the guitar and piano. In his senior high school year at Upper Canada College, Wai played the lead role of Narrator in the school’s production of the musical, “Blood Brothers,” and landed principal roles in the feature films, “Foolproof” and “Mean Girls.” Since then, Wai has gone on to play a variety of roles in independent projects.

As an undergraduate at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Wai expanded his interests and skills to include writing, cinematography, and directing. In May 2008, Wai graduated from NYU with a B.F.A. in Film & Television Production and a double major in Journalism. Soon after, Wai won the 2008 Clive Davis Award for Excellence in Music in Film. That same year, Wai shot his debut film, “This Is Life,” which he wrote, produced, directed, and played the lead role in. “This Is Life” screened in the U.S. and internationally in late 2009 and early 2010. Seeking to develop his growing interest in entertainment, intellectual property, and corporate law, in August 2009 Wai accepted the University of Pennsylvania Law School’s prestigious Levy Scholarship and began his legal education in the school’s J.D. program.

Wai: good luck at Proskauer, and enjoy your last year at Penn. But hurry up and graduate — your pal Lindsay needs your help as soon as possible!

Wai Choy [IMDb]

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